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Hans Rudolf Wöhrl (*1947)

1947: Born on November 20th at Nuremberg as second son (brother Gerhard Kilian, born 1944) of the merchants Rudolf (departed in 2010) and Berta (departed in 1977) Wöhrl

1963: General Certificate of Secondary Education (Mittlere Reife) subsequently student at the International Schools of Economics at London and Geneva.

1965 - 1967: Apprenticeship and graduation as trained retail salesman.

1966: During his apprenticeship foundation of the fashion boutique "Carnaby Shop" designed in classic British style at Nuremberg. The boutique developed to be one of the most top-selling specialized stores of this kind in Europe. Since 2007 the store is continued as an Esprit-Store as part of the Rudolf Wöhrl AG

1969: Acquisition of the private pilot license at the Aero Club Nuremberg

1970 - 2002: Taking charge of and management of WÖHRL, das Haus der Markenkleidung (the Store for Brand Name Clothing) Co. KG, formerly operated by his parents, as exclusively responsible managing director. The company had five branches, achieved a yearly sales volume of 30 million and had approximately 500 employees. When he retired from active management (2002) the company achieved a sales volume of 320 millions in 40 branches and had more than 3,000 employees.

1973: Foundation of INTRO GmbH, an investment company focusing on real estate, aviation and other lines of business.

1974: Training as professional pilot and foundation of Nürnberger Flugdienst INTRO GmbH & Co. KG (Eurowings)

1980: Acquisition of the ATPL, the pilot license for airline transport.

1981: Start of the charter air travel with a fixed departure schedule between Nuremberg and Paris. In 1982 NFD is the last airline to leave Le Bourget, the traditional airport of Paris, and starts landing at CDG from then on.

1982: Putting into service of the 19-seat METRO-Liner

1984: NFD is designated as the second scheduled airline in Germany. A bad day for Lufthansa which lost its monopoly!

1986: NFD is the first German customer for the most modern regional aircraft, the ATR 42 seating 46 passengers. The four jet BAE 146 is put into service as cargo plane.

1989: Conversion of Nürnberger Flugdienst into NFD Luftverkehrs AG with British Leisure Group (Air Europe) as investor holding 49% of the shares and Karstadt with 25.1%. Hans Rudolf Wöhrl retains approximately 20% and changes over to the supervisory board. The new shareholders want a vast expansion program. Consequently the fleet is extended by Boeing 757 and ATR 72

1991: ILG becomes insolvent and as a consequence the existence of NFD Luftverkehrs AG is also threatened. In order to prevent this, Hans Rudolf Wöhrl buys back the ILG shares. Within only nine months the rehabilitation of the company is successfully completed as a result of the consequent return to regional air traffic. At the same time the industrialist Dr. Albrecht Knauff (owner of RFG Luftverkehrsgesellschaft, Dortmund) acquires the NFD shares from Karstadt

1992: Sale of all NFD shares to Dr. Albrecht Knauff, who later integrates RFG. As a result of this NFD Luftverkehrs AG becomes the largest European regional airline and is renamed to Eurowings AG.

1992: INTRO concentrates on investments in enterprises affiliated with air traffic as well as on consultancy services for airlines. Wöhrl becomes a member of the advisory board of the Deutsche BA

1994: Foundation of TETRIS Grundbesitz (Real Property Ownership) GmbH & Co. KG and assumption of management. This enterprise unites all real property activities of the family. Foundation of the non-profit WÖHRL Akademie GmbH for the advance of own and external employees in the retail trade.

2002: Conversion of the WÖHRL fashion stores into the Rudolf Wöhrl Familien AG and change to the supervisory board. Foundation of AURUM-Project AG and 80% investment by INTRO

2003: Acquisition of Deutsche BA for 1 Euro by INTRO and conversion into dba. This high deficit aviation company is rehabilitated within a few months.

2005: After the acquisition of the gexx aircraft and their routes dba becomes the business airline for everybody and a successful competitor in the air travel market in Germany

2006: Acquisition of a majority interest in LTU by INTRO. Sale of the restructured dba to Air Berlin, which supplements its flight offers by the interesting inner-German route network. Hans Rudolf Wöhrl receives the GQ Award 'Man of the Year' in the category "Economics". Foundation of the non-profit EMANUEL trust together with Dagmar and Marcus Wöhrl.

2007: Sale of the LTU shares to Air Berlin after completed rehabilitation. Air Berlin thereby receives access to the long distance flight market and from that point on is number 4 in Europe. Opening of the first DORMERO hotel at Plauen (120 rooms): The hotel is the leading 4 **** Hotel in the Vogtland. Subdivision of INTRO into five subgroups: Administration, Consulting, Aviation, Retail & Media, Investments. In all companies the managing directors hold 10% of the shares. The goal is the foundation and investment in specialized companies.

2008: Wöhrl turns over his seat on the supervisory board of Rudolf Wöhrl AG to Christian Greiner and retires from the company in accordance with his life plan during the year of the company's 75th anniversary. INTRO acquires 10% of the shares of Ludwig Beck am Rathauseck Textilhaus (textiles) Feldmeier AG at Munich. A leading and exclusive store ("the sensual department store") in Europe!

2009: INTRO acquires 50% of the hotel management company Gold Inn AG. INTRO increases its share in Ludwig Beck AG to over 30% and submits a take-over bid. In the middle of the year INTRO already holds approx. 70% of the shares in Ludwig Beck AG. AURUM-Project AG buys the K+K Complex at Halle including the Kempinski hotel. Starting October Gold Inn AG operates the hotel under the name of DORMERO Hotel Rotes Ross. The number of investments exceeds 50 companies.

2010: At the end of the year INTRO Group takes over "Alpha Exec", a provider for business flights located at Nuremberg.

2011: At the beginning of the year INTRO Aviation GmbH successfully positioned FLYNEXT Luftverkehrs GmbH, the new charter flight provider, in the market
and successfully reorganized Alpha Exec within a period of only five months.

2012: Since February INTRO Aviation GmbH as well as INTRO Beteiligungs GmbH Vienna together with PEON Beteiligungs GmbH holds 74.9% of the shares of InterSky Luftfahrt GmbH.

Investment in Saarland Airlines (1992 - 1994)
Investment in Bavarian Castle, Vail, Colorado, USA (1994 - 2004)
WÖHRL branches at Salzburg, Berlin-Neukölln, Berlin-Märkisches Zentrum
All attempts to play an instrument (violin, guitar) and to be a good student

About Hans Rudolf Wöhrl

Since 1982 married to Dagmar Wöhrl, née Winkler, jurist and parliamentary state secretary, two children Marcus and Emanuel (+ 2001). It is his second marriage.

More children Alexandra, Christian and Alexander and five grandchildren

Hobbies: Passionate entrepreneur and making presentations for the benefit of the EMANUEL-Trust.

Sports:  Swimming (not a sports enthusiast) and going for walks with his three dogs


  • Drives his cars forever because he cannot part with them
  • Appreciates good food and American wines
  • Wants to know everything in detail and wants to have done everything himself at least once before he asks an employee to perform a tasks. He asks for high performance and loyalty, but he never asks too much.
  • Loves technology as long as you can understand it. This is why he is leery of computers
  • Likes to share and therefore always brings active partners on board and is especially happy if they make good money.
  • Filled datebooks are a hindrance to him, spontaneity is his secret (he always wants to have time for the unexpected)
  • He hates long negotiations and meetings. This is why his first offer is always fair!
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