Peter Oncken (1964)
Managing Partner & CEO

Peter Oncken is founding member and CEO of INTRO Aviation as well as member of the management board of INTRO Group.

His expertise as fully qualified lawyer (studies at the University of Cologne) and his many years of experience in the airline industry emphasize his qualifications in connection with his extended experience in successfully rehabilitating airlines which are in a precarious situation. The main focus of each investment was the successful repositioning of this airline in the market.

From 2005 to 2006 Peter Oncken was a member of the supervisory board of dba, which had been sold to INTRO Group by British Airways in the year 2003. In this particular case INTRO succeeded in leading the loss-making Deutsche BA to success for the first time in its 12 year history within 15 months.

From February 2006 to August 2007 Peter Oncken was in charge of the takeover and management of LTU in his position as CEO. With quick and efficient actions the INTRO team was able to reorganize and reposition this airline, which had an enormous deficit, within a period of only 12 months. In 2007 LTU was successfully sold to the competitor Air Berlin.

Since 2012 Peter Oncken is minority shareholder in INTERSKY and an active member of the management board, as he was previously with LTU and FLYNEXT.

Over a period of many years Mr. Oncken accompanied consultancy services for start-ups and the fields IT systems and comprehensive process optimization, cost management, and other operational structures.

Prior to working for INTRO Group, Peter Oncken gathered versatile experience in connection with the restructuring and reorientation of companies in precarious situations.

Peter Oncken is married and lives in Nuremberg with his wife and three children.
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